Internet of things

Internet of Things is considered by experts to bring sweeping changes in which we used machines and devices. Combined with wireless technologies, humans will be able to control any device from anywhere and machines will start talking to each other. Smart Homes, Wearable devices are just the beginning of this change. Industrial Internet of Things will transform the manufacturing industry. Variety of sensors will pick all parameters and feed it into a central controlling system and automatically do the necessary corrections. Plant wear and tear will considerably go down with smart sensors now capturing the health of an entire manufacturing set up real time and with an level of accuracy, not seen before.
What can Pina Systems do for you?
1. Build an Industrial Automation Strategy
2. Humanize your plant and machinery, embed variety of sensors and collect real time data remotely in your wireless devices and applications
3. Intelligent inventory management of raw materials and finished products
4. Improve your Supply Chain and empower your workers by the revoloutionary Internet of Things platform.

Case Studies and Engagements
1. A Steel Pipe Manufacturer
We were engaged by a medium size to study their manufacturing process for Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipes. Manufacturer was facing issues ranging from loss of raw material and intermediaries, poor workforce tracking to poor tracking of inventories. Pina Systems conducted a study and suggested solutions to eliminate this problem using IOT sensors to automatically capture critical process parameters at various stages of manufacturing.

2. Complete IOT based Personal Health Tracking solution
Team at Pina Systems is currently engaged in an innovative project to develop a complete Personal Health Tracking solution that will capture data from various IOT enabled devices like Wrist Bands and other bed side devices to capture and track all vital parameters for patients. Team is working on devices by FitBit, Garmin and others as part of this project.

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